Custom Velcro Patches Has A Wide Variety Of Uses!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.20.08 PMVelcro is a fastener that utilizes a loop and hook technology that became popular in the 1960s when NASA astronauts used velcro in the space program to attach items to a surface so they would not float off in the weightless environment. However, the usability of this amazing product has been extended in recent years. New technologies have provided the means for personalized velcro patches with an infinite number of specific applications only limited by the imagination.


Compared to other products, personalized velcro patches are extremely multi-functional. The United State military uses velcro to attach personalized patches on their military uniforms. These patches display important information such as their country, name, division, and rank. The flexibility of these patches allow them to be customized in any shape, color, or design. Also, law enforcement, throughout our country, use custom patches for their officers’ uniforms so that the general public can identify them. Clubs, organizations, sport teams and others use personalized patches to denote their affiliations.

As a marketing tool, custom velcro patches exceeds expectations. Business owners know the advantages of utilizing this marketing strategy to bring in more clients. For a minimal investment, these patches gives long term visibility. This creates a lucrative opportunity to create more sales to help businesses grow and develop. Personalized velcro patches has also been used in the medical industry as well as on marine gear. The many uses of velcro are endless. You only have to use your imagination to find a use for this amazing product.

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